My Mission:

Transforming Dogs and Their Owners' Lives

Many dog owners find themselves overwhelmed by their pet's unwanted behaviors, leading to a life with limited freedom for both the dog and its human companion. My mission is to provide comprehensive dog training solutions that correct these unwanted behaviors, allowing owners to seamlessly integrate their furry friends into their lives. Through this process, we build a bond rooted in love, trust, and mutual respect.


About Kim:

My journey with animals began early in life, and since 2016, I have focused specifically on working with dogs. I've gained hands-on experience through running and owning a pet sitting company, as well as years of dog-walking. In the past, I worked with rescued horses, honing their ground manners to ensure they behaved well around humans.

Every dog I work with presents a unique challenge and a new learning experience. I've studied under various trainers, drawing inspiration from their styles to create my own unique approach. Additionally, I've completed courses in Animal Behavior at the Canine Behavior Academy, covering foundational topics like instincts, emotions, body language, and dog evaluations. This knowledge helps place rescued dogs in homes best suited to their needs.

I'm also pursuing certification as an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator and plan to offer these classes soon. Recognizing that every dog and owner have distinct needs, I'm open to a wide range of training methods because the ultimate goal is to help you have an incredible dog of your own.